We are a very happily married couple that enjoys the great gifts this country has given us. We both have extensive medical experience, my wife, working in the OR and myself an emergency Nurse for many years.

On a recent motorcycle vacation to the US, we stopped for coffee at a little shop in Virginia City Nevada. Their coffee was amazing, the best I had ever had. When asking the staff about this they told us they roast their own beans fresh daily, and an idea was born. A year later with great patience and drive, Freedom Fuel Coffee was born.

Every day it seems some of our freedoms are slipping away. We are told what we must believe and what must be accepted.

Myself, I wasn’t raised that way. The morals and values of my youth are gone. Honesty, Gratitude, Respect, and Integrity seem to be merely words with no meaning. Hard work to succeed has been replaced with what can my government give me for free so I don’t have to work. Freedom Fuel Coffee is about hard work, resilience and morals and values of days gone by.

Freedom Fuel Coffee believes in giving back to those that risk all to help protect us.

Wounded warriors Canada helps veterans, military, police, and first responders cope with the atrocities they have witnessed. This charity focuses on the mental health of Canada’s true heroes, helping them with a hand up rather than a handout. Canada’s heroes deserve only the best treatment because these people fought, bled and sweat for our freedom. That’s why Freedom Fuel Coffee donates $1.00 from every pound of coffee sold to Wounded Warriors Canada.

Thank you for your support and if you see a veteran, active military, or any first responder, thank them for their service and be grateful that they stand on the wall between good and evil ensuring Canada’s freedoms.

Roasting Process

The roasting of Freedom Fuel Coffee is complex with a couple secrets thrown in.

The finest, ethically sourced green beans are first weighed so every roast starts the same.

Next, the temperatures, air control and time are meticulously maintained to ensure consistency of every roast. Finishing every roast at the same temperature and same time EVERY TIME.

The beans are then cooled rapidly to stop the roasting cycle, all done so you can enjoy the finest cup of coffee you have ever had.

Be careful this can SPOIL you.